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Green Sacred Spaces

Multifaith Action Society of B.C.

Multifaith Action Society of B.C.

Green Sacred Spaces brings spiritual communities together using the environment as a common ground.  The program provides individuals and congregations with toolkits to help “green” their buildings and land; it gives tips on lighting, gardening and recycling, making churches of every kind more environmentally sustainable.

“We especially hold up our children and look forward to the kind of world they are going to live in, we want to present a different way of looking at the world, a way that’s transparent, honest and where we recognize our impacts and try to reduce them” says Rosamund Hyde, St. Andrews United Church Member.

Vancouver Foundation knows the importance of environmental sustainability, that’s why we have provided $15,000 in development of the Greening Sacred Spaces Toolkit.

(Originally aired: 2008)

Green Sacred Spaces - Multifaith Action Society of B.C.

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