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How does your Garden Fund grow?

Valerie and Barbara Hunter

Valerie and Barbara Hunter – tag team for Vancouver Foundation – (daughter Valerie works at the Foundation, and mother Barbara is a donor) started a community fund with the Foundation more than 10 years ago.

In this short feature, they tour one of the projects their fund has helped to create. The Grandview Elementary School garden is a little oasis in east Vancouver, where children can get their hands dirty, grow a variety of plants, and see all kinds of birds and insects – all right on the school grounds.

“When I started working at Vancouver Foundation, I was really inspired,” says Valerie. “I thought, ‘I have to be part of this, I have to, in my very small way, make a contribution.”

The result is their fund, which will keep growing, and funding projects where there is a need. “It feels very gratifying,” says her mother Barbara.

(Originally aired: 2008)

How does your Garden Fund grow?

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