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A Look Back at Fostering Change

Celebrating milestones from 2013 to 2018

Vancouver Foundation launched Fostering Change in 2013 with the goal of addressing homelessness by providing opportunities and support for youth transitioning out of foster care. Over the next five years, Fostering Change grew and evolved into something bigger and better than what we could’ve imagined. 

A year ago today, we held the Celebration Extravaganza!!!. It was a day of learning, connecting, and celebrating with one another as we set priorities and prepared for a meeting between youth and elected officials to challenge government to make changes for youth in care.

That day marked an important moment for Fostering Change: it brought together the passion, knowledge, and community we had built together through a shared vision to see real, systemic change. 

The work will continue through FirstCall as earlier this year, we transitioned Fostering Change back to the community that inspired it. Through the commitment of our partners, volunteers, and most importantly, young people, we reached significant milestones that we should all be proud of. We know the work continues and we’re confident that this next chapter of Fostering Change will undoubtedly achieve great things.

To close this first chapter, we’re taking a look back at the last five years to celebrate and reflect on the successes we saw and want to sincerely thank the hard work and dedication of the entire Fostering Change community. 

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