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Support group for people with epilepsy

BC Epilepsy Society

BC Epilepsy Society

People can live active and fulfilling lives with epilepsy, thanks in part to resources provided by BC Epilepsy Society. The Society has support groups for people with epilepsy, an information line and a variety of educational resources.

They support their work through their endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation, as well as various grants from the Foundation.

A staff member discusses her own experience with epilepsy, and how she dealt with the loss of control over her life. She points out that epilepsy is the second most common neurological disorder after headaches, but with knowledge and support, people can live healthy, happy lives with the disorder.

(Originally aired: 2005)


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August 8, 2011
Great video. I had never actually seen an epilepsy seizure. Where do I go to contact a local group?
Bill, North Vancouver

BC Epilepsy Society

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