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Where Children’s Dreams come Alive

December 17, 2007

Kids Up Front Foundation

Kids Up Front Foundation

Kids Up Front Foundation gives underprivileged families the opportunity to attend entertainment events they couldn’t have afforded otherwise. One father says, “It’s been everything from hockey to ballet.” These are just a few of the many sports and activities parents can enjoy with their kids, thanks to their service.

Empty stadium seats at a hockey game first inspired the vision for the ticket recycling program for kids. Kids Up Front is partnered with 91 charities across the Lower Mainland and is like no other organization. It generates once in a lifetime experiences for many through offering this unique service.

The Vancouver Foundation sees the value in the service and gave a grant of $45,000, over a two year period. They understand that this service is not just about filling up seats but about fulfilling children’s dreams “one ticket at a time.”

(Originally aired: 2007)

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