18 Organizations Advancing Racial Equity

July 17, 2020

LEVEL Youth Grants support projects that invest in the leadership capacity of Indigenous youth as well as racialized immigrant and refugee youth in the nonprofit sector. In doing so, we hope to advance racial equity in the nonprofit and charitable sector.

Six charities were awarded a LEVEL Develop Grant this year for a total of $105,740. In 2019, 12 charities were awarded a LEVEL Develop Grant or Test Grant for a total of $474,400.

LEVEL Develop Grants are for projects at the exploratory stage. This year, we raised the ceiling to $20,000 for these grants. LEVEL Test Grants fund projects that are acting on a plan. LEVEL Test Grants are one-year grants of up to $50,000.

A Few LEVEL-Funded Projects

Wilps Luutkudziiwus Education and Economic Society will be mentoring two Indigenous youth in cultural community leadership and decision-making skills for Luutkudziiwus’ current cultural, land, and resource use initiatives. This will help youth expand their sphere of influence and encourage intergenerational passing of knowledge.

The Ethos Lab Project is seeking to create spaces for Black youth ages 13-18 to gather, re-imagine their communities in an ethno-culturally relevant approach, and break down regional stereotypes that are a barrier for collective action within the Black community.

DIVERSEcity is creating two positions for newcomer youth who will lead a decolonization project in collaboration with Indigenous youth. This project is in partnership with EdMeCo and the Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center Association.

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Here are all the LEVEL grantees from 2020:
*Charitable intermediary partners are in (parentheses)

•    The Board of Education of School District No. 36 — Surrey

•    CityHive (with charitable intermediary League of Innovators)

•    Carrier Sekani Family Services
•    Check Your Head

•    Nelson Community Services Society

    OCCA Communities Association

Here are all the LEVEL grantees from 2019
*Charitable intermediary partners are in (parentheses)

•    Ethọ́s Lab Project (with charitable intermediary Vancity Community Foundation)
•    Britannia Community Services Centre Society

•    Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice (with charitable intermediary Network of Inner City Community Services Society)
•    The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
•    Justice for Girls
•    West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation
•    Environmental Youth Alliance Society
•    Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association
•    DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society

•    Wilps Luutkudziiwus Education and Economic Society (with charitable intermediary Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation)
•    Matsqui-Abbotsford Impact Society
•    Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services Society

We hope this will inspire you to support projects like this or start thinking about one of your own.

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