Community Causes: Addressing Homelessness – Lu’ma

January 30, 2016

In January, we invited donors and community members to join us at Lu’ma Native Housing Society for our Community Causes learning series. These learning series are designed to inform and inspire donors and community members about a variety of community issues. Through story-telling and site tour visits, we are proud to showcase our funding partnerships with charities.

Lu’ma is a Salish word that means New Beginnings. This message was echoed by our speakers and the youth program participants. Through this open dialogue sharing we learned about the important issues that youth in foster care face. It was an opportunity to hear the youth speak about the positive impact the mentorship and housing program is having on their lives, providing them with supports, resources, and learning experiences to help them succeed.

With support from Vancouver Foundation, Lu’ma Native Housing Society launched the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship & Housing Program in 2014 to support, mentor, engage and house Aboriginal youth in their successful transition from foster care to adulthood. Youth, ages 16 to 24, learn how to find permanent and affordable housing as they graduate from the year-long program. Community partners provide weekly workshops, seminars and field trips to help the youth get acquainted and engaged with people, places and services. Youth are also engaged in one-on-one mentorship to overcome financial, educational, developmental and health challenges.

Learn how you can help youth in foster care through Fostering Change. See the Year in Review 2014-2015 and sign up for the newsletter at

Should you have any questions about Community Causes or other programs please contact our Donor Services Team at 604-688-2204.

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