Flexible grants up to $50,000 for Indigenous-led organizations to support initiatives that encourage community inclusiveness, belonging, and healing.
Applications are closed.
Grants Awarded in February 2022.

UPDATE: We received an overwhelming response to the Indigenous Priorities Granting Program so we increased our funding commitment from $750,000 to $6.7 million and were able to support a total of 148 organizations.

Vancouver Foundation is committing $750,000 to the Indigenous Priorities Granting Program (IPGP) to provide flexible, one-time grants to First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities, and Indigenous-led organizations operating in the lands now known as BC. Grants are available up to $50,000 and are to support Indigenous-led initiatives that encourage community inclusiveness, belonging, and healing.

Key Dates:

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The IPGP is part of Vancouver Foundation’s commitment to Indigenous priorities. IPGP is an Indigenous-led initiative to surface and address critical funding and capacity needs of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

The social issues affecting Indigenous communities today are deeply rooted in the historic and ongoing impacts of colonization. As a community foundation we are committed to examining how traditional models of philanthropy have contributed to systemic barriers that limit Indigenous communities and Indigenous-led organizations’ ability to access reliable and flexible funding.

IPGP seeks to uplift Indigenous priorities and explore how Vancouver Foundation can best listen, learn, and walk alongside Indigenous partners.

Indigenous Priorities Granting Program

Eligibility Self-Assessment Quiz

Indigenous Priorities Grants are intended for Indigenous-led organizations that are:

  • Qualified donees such as a charitable organization or a land-based nation; or
  • Applying as an intermediary in partnership with a qualified donee.

Answer the questions below to assess whether you are eligible to apply.

Section 1: Are you in BC?

  1. Is your organization located or operated in the lands known as BC?

> If you answered NO, you are not eligible for this grant.

> If you answered YES, move on to Section 2.

Section 2: Is your organization Indigenous led?

The questions below were drawn upon from The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada’s definition. The intent of this grant is to support solutions for and by Indigenous people through resources and supports for Indigenous-led organizations and land-based communities.  

  1. Does your organization have Indigenous representation at all levels (i.e., staff, board, and executive levels)?
  2. Is your organization rooted in Indigenous history and values?
  3. Does your organization incorporate Indigenous knowledge, traditions, and languages into its daily operations?
  4. Are your programs delivered by Indigenous people?
  5. Does your organization follow formal protocols with Indigenous communities?

> If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may not be eligible for this grant. Please contact us at indigenous.priorities@vancouverfoundation.ca to discuss this eligibility requirement.

> If you answered YES to all of these questions, move on to Section 3.

Section 3: Are you a qualified donee?

  1. Is your organization a registered charity?
  2. Is your organization a registered municipal or public body performing a function of government in Canada (i.e. a land-based nation)? If you’re unsure, check out the CRA list to see if your nation is registered.

> If you answered NO to both questions, move on to Section 4.

> If you answered YES to one of these questions, you are eligible to apply for this grant.

Section 4: Are you applying as an intermediary with a qualified donee?

  1. Since you are not a qualified donee but are an Indigenous-led organization, do you have a qualified donee you can apply in partnership with?

> If you answered NO, please contact us at indigenous.priorities@vancouverfoundation.ca to let us know that the ‘qualified donee’ requirement is a barrier for you.

> If you answered YES, you are eligible to apply for this grant.


  • Indigenous-led organizations who have never received funding from Vancouver Foundation.
  • Indigenous-led organizations working in or providing support to rural, remote and/or smaller communities.

Funding can also be used to support staff, fill funding gaps, capacity development and other organizational needs. Capital requests, such as costs associated with equipment, technology or renovations will be considered as long as they enable the work of community inclusion, belonging, or healing.

How to Apply

Step 1: Take the Eligibility Self-Assessment Quiz to ensure you are eligible for funding.

Step 2: Read through the Grant Application Guidelines to learn more about this grant.

Step 3: If you have any questions, schedule a call with staff, or attend an online information session (see below for dates and registration). We’ll also share a recording if you’re unable to attend.

Step 4: Check out the Application Questions below (or download the Application Form Template) to begin working on your submission. We’ve simplified the application to just five questions:

  1. Is your group/organization Indigenous-led (i.e. are decisions and direction provided by Indigenous peoples)? Please briefly share how decisions are made. (300 words)
  2. What is the pressing need(s) of your community that your initiative will address? (300 words)
  3. How much funding are you requesting and what will you use the funds for? Requests can be up to $50,000. (300 words)
  4. What are the larger needs of your community right now, beyond this funding request? (300 words)
  5. Is there anything else you want to tell us? (300 words)

Step 5: Submit your application between November 15-29, 2021.

More information on how to apply using our online system, including instructions and how-to videos, will be made available prior to the application open date. Subscribe to the Indigenous Priorities email list for updates.

  • If your organization does not have reliable internet access or if you need any support, you can either submit your application by email (send to indigenous.priorities@vancouverfoundation.ca) or schedule time with a staff member to answer application questions over the phone. You can reach us by calling 778.309.1576.

Watch Info Session Recordings

Missed our virtual information sessions? No problem, you can view the recordings below. In these sessions, the Indigenous Priorities team provide details on the purpose of these grants, who they are intended to support, eligibility requirements, funding priorities, and answer questions.

Sessions are specific to the type of applicant organization. Watch the recording that best fits your organization: