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Our Commitment to Those Seeking Grants

What you can expect from us

Vancouver Foundation is committed to making meaningful and lasting impact in communities. We achieve this mission by working in partnership with many individuals and organizations province-wide.

We believe in fair and transparent processes and being accountable for our actions. We want the service we provide to everyone – by every department and staff member – to be grounded in excellence, trust and open communication.  Our actions should clearly align to our intention to be community-inspired and responsive to local needs.

When it comes to decision-making involving discretionary granting, we want you to fully understand our processes, timelines, and deadlines, which can be found here in this section of our website. Project applications are reviewed by professional staff and volunteers with deep community expertise in their field.

Specifically, your project application is first reviewed by a Program Manager and granting team within the Grants & Community Initiatives department. This ensures that your proposed project fits with the selected granting stream and identified outcomes. If eligible, your application is then reviewed by Volunteer Advisors who sit on our Advisory Committees.

Grant applications involving full proposals are discussed by Advisors at granting meetings convened for this purpose. The names of Advisors can be found here. All Advisory Committee meetings are chaired by a Vancouver Foundation Board member, who - in turn - sits on the Grants & Community Initiative Committee, a committee of the Board.

Grant recommendations from Advisory Committees are approved as follows:

  • Up to $20,000 – approved by the Vice President, Grants & Community Initiatives.
  • $20,000 to $100,000 – approved by the President and CEO.
  • $100,000 and above – approved by the Vancouver Foundation Board.

Should your project application not be successful, we will tell you why. There are no appeals of granting decisions.  We recognize, however, that from time to time, there may be disagreement with the granting decision or process. In these cases, we encourage dialogue and feedback with our staff so we can learn about your concerns and continue to strengthen our relationships.

Should the issue still not be resolved following such dialogue, you may wish to consult our Complaints Policy.

Vancouver Foundation is committed to equity, inclusion and respect in all aspects of its granting and operations.

We will not fund organizations that discriminate or seek to limit the legal rights and activities of people. And we will rescind funds to grantees that engage in discriminatory practices as defined by British Columbian and Canadian law.

For more information on Vancouver Foundation’s discretionary granting practices and processes, see these FAQs. For information on our privacy policy, see here.

For information on our Code of Conduct and Ethics, see here.

Our Commitment to Those Seeking Grants [PDF]