Women are major forces in charitable giving and often have distinct preferences from men when it comes to philanthropy.

Giving Well is Vancouver Foundation’s giving circle that brings women together to engage in grantmaking, learn about current community needs, and collectively support women’s issues.

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Giving circles are a form of philanthropy where groups of donors pool their money into a fund and decide together which community projects to support while increasing their awareness around various issues.

Charities Supported by Giving Well

Since 2011, Giving Well members have raised more than $180,000 for charities supporting women.

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Phoenix Transition Society
Pivot Legal Society
PACE Society logo
Cowichan Family Caregivers Society logo
Surrey Womens Centre

Become a Giving Well Member

We do not currently have any upcoming Giving Well circles.

You can become a Giving Well member with a contribution of $1,000 or more. Your entire donation will go towards the giving circle.

As part of a Giving Well circle, you will make granting decisions together. You’ll hear from a guest speaker on issues facing women in BC. Our team at Vancouver Foundation will present to you several charities that support women and girls. . You’ll also visit local charities and learn about their work.

These charities have usually applied for a grant at Vancouver Foundation and have been reviewed by our community advisors. These advisors are experts in their field and help guide Vancouver Foundation’s granting decisions. That’s why they’ll also help you make yours.

You will discuss each charity presented to you and then decide together how much you want to grant to each one.

Join Giving Well Today

Contact our team to learn about when the next Giving Well circle will happen or for questions about this program:

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Nicole Jeschelnik


“It’s a way of giving that feels more personal than simply writing a cheque and I feel more involved in the granting process since we can ask Vancouver Foundation staff questions. I also like that Giving Well focuses on women and children’s issues, which are often underfunded.”
~Mary Lou, a Giving Well member since 2011

Past and Current Giving Well Members

  • Beverley Pomeroy
  • Candice Alderson
  • Caroline North
  • Charlene Ripley
  • Cheryle Beaumont
  • Christine Bergeron
  • Christina McLeod
  • Faye Wightman
  • Erica K. Lau
  • Gillian Chee
  • Gloria Murphy
  • Helen O’Brian
  • Hilda Ching Quan
  • Liz Haan
  • Lori Lothian
  • Lynda A. Farmer
  • Irma Lamoureux
  • Isabelle Diamond
  • Jane Agg
  • Jane Banfield
  • Jane Davidson
  • Janice L. Wattis
  • Janet Wiegand
  • JYC Financial
  • Karen Yeung
  • Laurel Gordon
  • Linda Gibbs
  • Linda Oglov
  • Liz Chaston
  • Marion Lane
  • Margaret Angus
  • Margaret Brodie
  • Mary Jane Li
  • Mary Jansen
  • Mary Lou Miles
  • Melody Chen
  • Miranda Lam
  • Paula Arsens
  • Roberta Lando Beiser
  • Robin Brenner
  • Sandra Lim
  • Serra Investments
  • Sharon Anne Surette
  • Sharon Brain
  • Sonia Gallimore
  • Sophia Financial Group
  • Stephanie Carlson
  • Stephanie Woo
  • Tides Canada Foundation
  • Vera Frinton
  • Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia
  • and fourteen anonymous