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2022 Vancouver Foundation Magazine is Out!

14 November 2022

Cover photo of the 2022 Vancouver Foundation Magazine featuring two LEVEL Youth Policy Program participants.

The 2022 Vancouver Foundation Magazine is out!

This issue captures a moment in time where the choices we make now will affect what comes into focus. This year’s stories are grounded in our commitments to Black and Indigenous people, to marginalized communities, to all of you.

The cover story highlights the impact of teaching young people how to shape Canadian policy in a setting that makes them feel they have a place in policymaking. We support this through the LEVEL Youth Policy Program, an initiative of Vancouver Foundation.

On the cover: Savannah Wells stands while Qwu’yum’aat Elliott sits on a wooden platform in a field from this year’s LEVEL Youth Policy Program. Wells returned to 2022’s cohort as a facilitator, while Elliott was one of the program participants learning about how to change policies.

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