Thank you so much for your support! At Vancouver Foundation, we share your optimism. We believe things can get better and, with your help, we are able to make meaningful and lasting impacts on our communities.

Community Impact Fund

Vancouver Foundation’s strengths lie in our ability to respond quickly to immediate needs and to meet new and emerging social, cultural, educational and environmental conditions. The Community Impact charitable cause is one way you can support such responsiveness.

Addressing Homelessness

Homelessness impacts our entire society in one form or another. This charitable cause supports community-based strategies that address homelessness in all age groups by enabling people to find homes as well as working to address root causes of homelessness.

Animal Welfare

Animals play a valuable role in our society. Through this charitable cause, Vancouver Foundation is committed to supporting strategies that protect and enhance the welfare of all animals - wild, domestic and farm - through research, education and care.

Arts & Culture

Arts, culture and heritage are key ingredients in a dynamic and vibrant community. This charitable cause supports projects that cover a wide range of disciplines, including visual arts, museum projects, music, theatre, dance, literature and film.

Children & Families

When children and families are supported and strengthened, all aspects of the community benefit in the long-term. From addressing bullying to helping immigrant and aboriginal families, this charitable cause helps increase the well-being of children and families and, in turn, creates a brighter future for all.


When everyone has access to learning, our entire society is more vibrant and adaptable. From engaging potential learners to helping young people transition through the education system, this charitable cause aims to enhance access to education and lifelong learning opportunities for all British Columbians.


Supporting the health and resilience of British Columbia’s physical environment is more critical than ever. This charitable cause supports projects that include advancing policies and practices which address climate change as well as increasing public awareness and engagement on key environmental issues and solutions.


Healthy, resilient individuals make for strong communities. This charitable cause supports projects that foster progress on key health and medical issues in the community as well as initiatives that ensure British Columbians are involved in advancing the health of their own communities.

Social Services

This charitable cause supports projects that enhance the capacity of individuals and families to create healthy, caring, safe and supportive environments for all members of the community. It also supports projects that help mitigate the effects of poverty.


Providing the right environment for youth is important for their long-term success. This charitable cause supports initiatives that enable youth to be accepted and valued as contributing members of society.

You can also set up your own fund, access additional donation options, or contact us to make a donation greater than $10,000.

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