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Are there any limits to online donations?

Can I access my fund online?

Can I name a successor fund advisor to my fund?

Can I use the Publications I download from your website?

Can my Vancouver Foundation fund grant to charities outside of metro Vancouver?

Can our agency still apply for a grant if Vancouver Foundation manages our agency endowment fund?

Does the $25 minimum gift for tax receipts apply to recurring donations?

How can I donate to Vancouver Foundation? Is there a minimum donation amount?

How can I tell you about a grant I want to make?

How do I learn about charities’ priorities in my community?

How do I send an eCard?

How do I update my email address or other information after I have made my donation?

I didn’t receive my confirmation email or eTax receipt. What should I do?

I do not have an email address. Can I still donate?

I have a client who is interested in making a gift to Vancouver Foundation. Who should I talk to?

I made a mistake and need to change or cancel my donation. What do I do?

I want to remember Vancouver Foundation in my will. What should I do?

I would like to get involved? Who do I contact?

I would like to interview a Donor or Grantee who works with you - who do I contact?

I would like to interview someone about a Program that you run - who do I contact?

Is it safe/secure to donate online?

I’m interested in doing some fundraising for my fund at Vancouver Foundation. Are there any guidelines?

I’m interested in starting a Fund, what are my next steps?

My credit card expires this year. Can I still set up a recurring donation?

On what date each month/quarter are my recurring donations processed? Can I change it?

What amount can I expect to disburse in grants each year from my endowment fund?

What are my giving options?

What are Vancouver Foundation's fees?

What if I want to make a donation on behalf of someone else?

What investment managers does Vancouver Foundation use?

What is a charitable agency fund and who can establish one?

What is a giving circle?

What is the minimum amount required to start a fund?

What is the tax advantage for giving a gift of publicly-traded securities to Vancouver Foundation?

What name will appear on my eTax Receipt?

What type of assets can I use to start a fund?

When are eTax Receipts issued for recurring donations?

When are eTax Receipts issued?

When would I send an eCard?

Where can I find sample will clause wording?

Why can I not complete my eCard?

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?