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Are there any limits to online donations?

Can I use the Publications I download from your website?

How can I donate to Vancouver Foundation? Is there a minimum donation amount?

I didn’t receive my confirmation email or eTax receipt. What should I do?

I want to remember Vancouver Foundation in my will. What should I do?

I’m interested in doing some fundraising for my fund at Vancouver Foundation. Are there any guidelines?

I’m interested in starting a Fund, what are my next steps?

On what date each month/quarter are my recurring donations processed? Can I change it?

What amount can I expect to disburse in grants each year from my endowment fund?

What are my giving options?

What are Vancouver Foundation's fees?

What is the minimum amount required to start a fund?

What type of assets can I use to start a fund?

When are eTax Receipts issued for recurring donations?