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Giving Options for American Donors

Vancouver Foundation provides American donors with two giving options depending on the type of tax receipt required. This service is available only to existing funds held at Vancouver Foundation and to members of Community Foundations of Canada.

American donors looking to offset Canadian income

American donors who wish to receive a Canadian donation tax receipt can make their gift to Vancouver Foundation. Charitable donation receipts will be issued for donations of $25 CDN or more. We also accept gifts from American charities and foundations for which we can issue business receipts. Donations to Vancouver Foundation can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), publicly listed securities, bank draft or cheque made payable to “Vancouver Foundation”.

American donors looking to offset income from the United States of America

Friends of Vancouver Foundation is a separate legal entity, based in the state of Washington, that can accept donations from American individuals, charities and corporations and issue tax receipts that can be used for American tax filings. Friends of Vancouver Foundation is only permitted to make grants to Vancouver Foundation. Donors interested in donating to Friends of Vancouver Foundation must complete this form wherein they can indicate whether they would like the donation to Vancouver Foundation  be granted to a specific fund, to a charitable cause (such as the environment or animal welfare) or to our Community Fund as an unrestricted gift. 
Advance notification is required to review potential gifts to Friends of Vancouver Foundation and can take several weeks to complete the process from the time the initial gift is made. Friends of Vancouver Foundation accepts donations of $1,000 USD or more and can be made by bank draft, wire transfer or cheque payable to “Friends of Vancouver Foundation”.

Ways to Give

Both Vancouver Foundation and Friends of Vancouver Foundation are 501(c)(3) charities. Bank drafts and cheques for either “Vancouver Foundation” or “Friends of Vancouver Foundation” can be sent to the following address:
Vancouver Foundation
200 – 475 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 4M9
For further information or to initiate a donation to Vancouver Foundation or Friends of Vancouver Foundation, please contact our Donor Services department at (1)604-688-2204.