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Participatory Action Research Grants

Status: Grants have been awarded.

Participatory Action Research Grants: Overview

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Participatory Action Research Grants support research that is co-led by community members and researchers to learn more about the root causes of pressing issues impacting the health of communities.

How do they work? Participatory Action Research Grants support a collaborative approach to research that involves stakeholders – those whose lives are affected by the issue being studied – and researchers in all phases of the research process. The research projects we consider for funding must investigate the root causes of a complex health issue, and must be a collaboration between community organizations and institutions with access to an ethics board, such as universities.

Participatory Action Research Grants fund projects that investigate any of the social determinants impacting the health of communities. In addition, some of our funding is specific to researching the social determinants of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, mental health, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, or neurological, emotional or paediatric disorders. But no matter the research area, the project must be led by a registered charity or other qualified donee listed by the Canada Revenue Agency.


  • The staff person overseeing your current application is listed on the invitation email you received in December 2020. Please contact this person if you have questions about the application process or how to improve your written application.
  • If you have an existing grant award, you can see who to contact by visiting this page.
  • You can also send an email to a specific staff person by clicking on their profile on our staff directory page.