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Educational Awards

Thinking About Establishing an Educational Award?

An educational award such as a scholarship can be life changing. Financial support may make all the difference to set someone on their life path to achieve bigger and better things. Your generous support says: “The doors of opportunity are open. I believe in you, and know you can go far!” Education enables people to improve their lives, and helps our entire society to be more healthy, vibrant and livable. 

When you establish an award through Vancouver Foundation, we will work with you to develop award criteria that meet your objectives, which may be a reflection of your hopes and life experience. We will ensure that your donation is soundly invested and your wishes carried out over the long-term. Through Vancouver Foundation you can support multiple awards at numerous institutions.

Things to Consider

Who do you want to support?

  • A student graduating from high school?
  • A college or university student?
  • A particular field of study or level of education?

What characteristics or achievements do you want to support?

  • Academic merit?
  • Financial need?
  • Specific accomplishments?
  • Personal characteristics?

Your fund’s value will determine when the award can be initiated, and the amount and number of awards that can be supported in any given year. Vancouver Foundation will monitor your fund, and make adjustments over time as necessary, to ensure maximum impact.

How Will Students Be Selected?

Vancouver Foundation will work with an approved Award Administrator that operates an established award program. In most cases, this will be a school district or post-secondary institution. The Award Administrator will be responsible for conducting an open and fair process that includes advertising the award, collecting applications, and selecting recipients in accordance to the award criteria that you’ve approved. If desired, it may be possible for you to be involved in promoting the award, and presenting it to recipients. 

Further Information

For further information, contact Cheryl Tam at 604.638.8732 or email us. We’re here to help you build a legacy that will create positive and lasting impacts in our communities.                                                                                                     

For Students

Vancouver Foundation administers several funds that support educational awards but we do not make award selection decisions. Rather, the award selection process is carried out by approved award administrators, such as high schools, school districts, post-secondary institutions, or registered charities.

For information on awards you could be eligible for, please contact the Awards & Financial Aid office at your high school, school district, or post-secondary institution.

Please note: If you have received a scholarship from Vancouver Foundation, you must be enrolled at a recognized degree granting technical or vocational school, college or university in Canada, recognized by Canada Revenue Agency as a “qualified donee”. Awards can also be paid to prescribed universities outside of Canada. To determine if your school is a qualified donee please visit the CRA website.

The governments of BC and Canada also have numerous awards you could be eligible for:

Have questions? Please contact Cheryl Tam, Manager, Donor Services, at 604.638.8732, or by email at: