Welcome to the Open Licensing Frequently Asked Questions page. Please use the drop down menus to explore the answers to many commonly asked questions. 

If you do not see the answer to your question, we encourage you to connect with us by writing to open@vancouverfoundation.ca

Open Licensing General Questions

What is open licensing?

What will be licensed under this Policy?

Who will be required to use open licenses under this policy?

What is an open license?

What does an open license look like?

What is a ‘work’ or ‘material’?

What types of open licenses are available to use?

What is Creative Commons?

Grant Applications and Open Licensing

Does this change the criteria Vancouver Foundation uses to make granting decisions?

How does open licensing affect Field of Interest grantee’s projects?

Is this voluntary or a requirement? How can grantees get an exemption?

What does this mean for grantees who started the application process before January 2017?

What does this mean for grantees who receive Vancouver Foundation funding outside of Field of Interest Grants (e.g. Neighbourhood Small Grants)?

What do existing grantees say about open licensing?

In the case where Vancouver Foundation only funds a portion of a grantee’s project, does the open licensing policy apply to specific materials, the whole project, or the whole organization?

What about projects that have been ongoing, and Vancouver Foundation is coming in as a funder later in the project’s progress? Does the policy retroactively apply to what was created previously in the project?

What does this mean for grantees that have other funders with an open access and/or open data policy? This is common with research funders.

What if Vancouver Foundation’s Open License requirement for grantees isn’t sufficient to create systemic change?