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Fundraising Policy

For Third Party Fundraising Initiatives

Thank you for considering Vancouver Foundation (or a fund at Vancouver Foundation) as the recipient of the proceeds from your fundraising initiative. The following information provides guidance for individuals and organizations that are considering a fundraising initiative. Through your fundraising efforts and support of Vancouver Foundation, you are helping to create healthy, vibrant and livable communities across British Columbia.


Vancouver Foundation is very appreciative of gifts raised by individuals, organizations, or businesses who engage in fundraising activities. Such events or initiatives are considered “Third Party” initiatives, meaning that you are responsible for the planning, promotion and expenses associated with the initiative and Vancouver Foundation (or a fund at Vancouver Foundation) is the recipient of donations generated from the initiative. Any initiative associated with Vancouver Foundation, or any fund held at Vancouver Foundation, must promote and maintain a positive image of Vancouver Foundation and associating our name with your initiative must receive prior approval.

Any individual, organization or business is eligible to fundraise for Vancouver Foundation or a fund held by Vancouver Foundation, provided that:
  1. The third party fundraiser ensures transparency and accurate record keeping for issuing of official donation tax receipts, and shares the required information with Vancouver Foundation for the purposes of issuing official donation tax receipts in a timely fashion.
  2. The third party fundraiser agrees to provide Vancouver Foundation with a full accounting of the monies or that portion of the monies donated to Vancouver Foundation.
  3. The third party fundraiser will disclose to Vancouver Foundation the amount of the advantage received by the participants as a result of their involvement in the fundraising event.

Fundraising Initiative Approval & Compliance

Vancouver Foundation must be notified, in advance, for all fundraising initiatives held on behalf of Vancouver Foundation or any fund held at Vancouver Foundation. This is to ensure that we are aware of your initiative and for assurance that it is in keeping with Vancouver Foundation’s brand and mission.  Any individual, organization or business wishing to conduct a fundraising initiative using the Vancouver Foundation name, or the name of any Fund associated with Vancouver Foundation as recipient of the proceeds, must first contact Vancouver Foundation’s Donor Services department at 604-688-2204 or email

Vancouver Foundation will not sanction the following types of fundraising activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Events that encourage/involve behaviour that is counter to Vancouver Foundation’s mission, values and programming activities
  • Activities that involve a professional fundraiser, telemarketer and/or agreement to raise funds on a commission bonus or percentage basis
  • Direct solicitation (door-to-door canvassing, telemarketing or non-Vancouver Foundation internet methods)
  • Events involving the promotion of a political party or candidate, or appearing to endorse a political activity

Vancouver Foundation reserves the right to decline participation and support for any fundraising initiative that does not fall within our mandate. Vancouver Foundation may also, at any time, withdraw the right to use its name or the name of any Fund associated with Vancouver Foundation for fundraising or other purposes and all such activities shall immediately cease and be discontinued.

Your Responsibilities

You will be responsible for your initiative from conception to completion. It is your responsibility to acquire donors, publicize the event, plan your budget, and secure prizes, etc. Vancouver Foundation staff are available to answer your questions and provide support where we can, but please remember that our staff resources are limited.
Vancouver Foundation shall not be responsible or liable in any manner for any action, obligation or commitment whatsoever arising from a fundraising event. The event organizers are responsible for securing insurance for the activity and the event organizers agree to underwrite all costs of the activity and to secure such underwriting. Vancouver Foundation is not responsible for the costs of fundraising or for shortfalls in campaign goals.
If personal information (such as contact details) is collected from donors at an event, the event organizer must ensure that the information is kept confidential and secure. 
A gaming licence is required for raffles and 50/50 draws in BC. As the event organizer, you are required to pay this fee. Please visit the B.C. Government's Gambling Event and Fundraising page for information on gaming. 
It is important to note that Vancouver Foundation does not obtain third party lottery licences, third party insurance or special event insurance on behalf of the third party fundraisers. As well, donation tax receipts will not be issued for funds raised through any form of gaming.  Vancouver Foundation will not be responsible for debts incurred by those using the Vancouver Foundation name (or the name of a fund held at Vancouver Foundation) for fundraising initiatives.
Only the final net proceeds of the fundraising initiative will be processed by Vancouver Foundation as a donation. Under no circumstances will third party revenues and expenses flow through Vancouver Foundation.

Acceptable wording to use in advertising for your initiative or event:

What’s going to Vancouver Foundation?

Wording to use in advertising

If all the money collected is going to Vancouver Foundation…

Proceeds benefit the (Fund name) Fund at Vancouver Foundation

If all the money minus your expenses is going to Vancouver Foundation…

A portion of the proceeds benefit the (Fund name) Fund at Vancouver Foundation. Or net proceeds to benefit the (Fund name) Fund at Vancouver Foundation

If a specific dollar amount in the purchase of a product is going to Vancouver Foundation…

You must state the dollar amount. For example: For every painting we sell on Sunday, $100 goes to the (Fund name) Fund at Vancouver Foundation

If a percentage of the proceeds are going to benefit Vancouver Foundation…

You must state what percentage. For example, 50% of the proceeds to benefit the (Fund name) Fund at Vancouver Foundation.

Publicity & Material Approval

Any individual or organization wishing to use Vancouver Foundation’s name, logo and/or charitable registration number on any materials, including advertising, must receive Vancouver Foundation’s prior approval.  Vancouver Foundation’s logo can be downloaded at this link
Please direct any media inquiries concerning Vancouver Foundation to the Foundation office at 604-688-2204.

Tax Receipting

Official donation tax receipts will only be issued by Vancouver Foundation in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines and the Income Tax Act. 
Vancouver Foundation will issue official donation tax receipts once the following information is provided: 
  • A full accounting of the revenues and expenses of the event.
  • A complete list of those who made a donation, including:
  • Full name
  • Mailing address with postal code
  • Phone number 
  • Amount of donation
  • All donations requiring a donation tax receipt must be received in full. Credit card donations are to be entered by the donor via Vancouver Foundation’s website. Vancouver Foundation accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
Please note: The above information must be provided to Vancouver Foundation within 30 days of the event.
Vancouver Foundation reserves the right to make a final decision as to whether a donation tax receipt will be issued or not as well as the value of the donation tax receipt. 
Vancouver Foundation can only issue a donation tax receipt for “true” donations meaning that the donor does not receive any benefit from making the donation.  Monies raised through the following means may be accepted as a donation, however, because of the nature of the fundraising method, Vancouver Foundation is unable to issue a donation tax receipt:
  • Donations under $25.00
  • Ticket purchase or entrance fee
  • Raffle/lottery/draw ticket purchase
  • Auction or silent auction items
  • Donated services
  • Gift-in-kind donations
  • Sponsorships (a contribution made by a business for recognition and promotional purposes)
Donations raised can only be applied towards the purpose for which they were raised.  Donations are not transferrable to any other organization and/or purpose.
Expenses from the fundraising initiative may not be deducted from the amount of the donation entitled to a donation tax receipt.

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in raising funds for Vancouver Foundation and/or a fund at Vancouver Foundation. We know that events require a lot of time and hard work and we appreciate your desire to help make a difference in the community. 
Please contact the Donor Services department at 604-688-2204 or email if you have any questions or require further information.