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Below is a list of recent Vancouver Foundation Publications, including Annual Reports, Vancouver Foundation's Magazine, Policies & Financials and Tools & Resources for everyone from Grant Applicants to Professional Advisors

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At Vancouver Foundation we understand that innovation is key to building a better future. In its broadest sense, innovation is the desire to make things better … but it encompasses so much more...
Vancouver Foundation’s 2019 Vital Signs Report surveyed almost 8,000 British Columbians to learn more about the state of community participation across the province. We hope this report will serve as...
In 2018, we commissioned an external evaluation to be conducted by Lumiere Consulting and Broadleaf Consulting, which examined the Social Innovation Grants Program from 2015 to 2017, and stakeholder...
On The Table Community Reflections and Insights Report cover
Social isolation is a complex issue to solve, but building social connections can be straightforward. It’s as simple as getting together with people. To mark our 75th anniversary, instead of hosting...

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Youth Engagement

Findings from the Fresh Voices program that helps immigrant and refugee youth from across B.C. to identify and remove barriers.

Policies & Financials

A report cover with title "Vancouver Foundation"
Find documents relating to our policies, registered charity information returns, and audited financial statements.

Open Licensing

the report cover for the Vancouver Foundation's Open Licensing Toolkit
Find everything you need to know about how we use open licensing, as well as our resource toolkit.

Connections & Engagement

report cover with title "Connect & Engage : A Survey of Metro Vancouver 2017"
Our survey series to find out what issues people in metro Vancouver care about the most.