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Our Community Board and Committees

Vancouver Foundation works with many leaders and advisors from all across British Columbia. These individuals generously volunteer their time and energy on our Board of Directors, our advisory committees, and through our Honorary Governors' Council. Their knowledge and dedication help shape our work, and ensure we remain in touch with the communities we serve.

Board of Directors

Tom Shepansky

Tom  Shepansky

Chair, Board of Directors

Eric  Watt

Member, Board of Directors

Sarah  Sidhu

Member, Board of Directors

Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson

Member, Board of Directors
Branislav Henselmann, Vancouver Foundation Board of Directors

Branislav Henselmann

Member, Board of Directors

Dr. Alexandra Greenhill

Member, Board of Directors

Joe Gallagher

Member, Board of Directors

Brenda Eaton

Member, Board of Directors

David Christopher

Member, Board of Directors

Helen Blackburn

United Way of BC nominee, Board of Directors

Rita  Andreone

Law Society of BC nominee, Board of Directors

Retired from Vancouver Foundation' Board of Directors since 2011

Miranda Lam, Barry Rivelis, Lisa Pankratz, Chief Justice Robert Bauman, Kevin Bent, Ursula Botz, Tom Bradley, Tung Chan, John Dustan, Dr. Vera Frinton, Yuri Fulmer, Anna Fung, Jake C. Kerr, Jason McLean, John McLernon, Sarah Morgan-Silvester, Floyd Murphy, Paul Lacerte, Ida Goodreau, Gord MacDougall, Brandt Louie and Malik Talib.

Honorary Governors' Council

Our Honorary Governors’ Council are a group of individuals who are committed to Vancouver Foundation’s mission, vision and values. They represent a mix of high profile British Columbians, community and corporate leaders, past board or committee members, and influential persons from a diversity of sectors and backgrounds that have a commitment to the goals of Vancouver Foundation.


Anar Shamji Popatia

Chair, Honorary Governors' Council
Jon Sharun, Honorary Governor's Council

Jon Sharun

Vice-Chair, Honorary Governors' Council

Peter  Webster

Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Bob Smith

Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Barry Rivelis

Member, Honorary Governors' Council
Nav Maharaj

Nav Maharaj

Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Paul Lacerte

Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Stacy Kuiack

Member, Honorary Governors' Council
Lisa Kershaw

Lisa Kershaw

Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Colin Hansen

Member, Honorary Governors' Council
Kerry Gibson

Kerry Gibson

Member, Honorary Governors' Council
Peter Elliott, Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Peter  Elliott

Member, Honorary Governors' Council
Sara Eftekhar

Sara  Eftekhar

Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Queenie Choo

Member, Honorary Governors' Council

Past members of the HGC (in alphabetical order) include:

Theresa Arsenault, Michael Audain, The Honourable Donald Brenner, Bruce Buchanan, Stephanie Carlson, Tung Chan, John Dustan, Lynda Farmer, Nick Geer, Leila Getz, Martin Gifford, Robert (Bob) Hager, Judith Hall, Cheeying Ho, Michael Harcourt, Jake Kerr, Nezhat Khosrowshahi, Shamin Lalani, Risa Levine, Bob Lee, Peter Legge, Gerald McGavin, Kyle Mitchell, Mark Neale, Sophie Pierre, Geoff Plant, Patrice Pratt, Heather Raven, Dr. Don Rix, Judy Rogers, Thomas Rust, Joseph Segal, Richard Whittall, Sandra Wilking, Milton Wong, and Yosef Wosk.

Standing Committees

Development Committee

Executive Committee

Finance and Audit Committee

Governance and Human Resources Committee

Grants and Community Initiatives Committee

Investment Committee

Advisory Committees

Community Response Fund


Participatory Action Research


Systems Change